Man Being Treated In Hospital After Rare Allergic Reaction To Mother-In-Law



A WATERFORD man was rushed to hospital last night as he suffered a near-fatal reaction to his mother-in-law.

The rare allergic reaction is said to affect just 98% of all Irish men, but is only now being recognised by medical professionals as a real reaction.

Conor Downey was said to be enjoying a meal at home with his wife and their two children when suddenly he came over all faint as his mother-in-law Carol Stronholm arrived to Ireland for the Christmas period a full two weeks earlier than expected.

Mother-in-law Carol, hailing from Maine in America, was to stay with the Downeys from early next month but had changed her travel arrangements in an effort to pleasantly surprise her daughter and strike fear into the heart of that lay about, good-for-nothing son-in-law of hers.

“We can confirm a patient presented himself to us yesterday evening and clearly had had a severe allergic reaction to something,” Dr. Patel O’Brien explained to WWN.

“His throat closed up also, and he began to hallucinate a she-devil like figure as he sweated profusely,” added Dr. Patel

It is believed Conor’s skin immediately broke out in a rash when Carol arrived at his door and the rash spread further as the mother-in-law closely embraced Conor while whispering ‘you’re still not good enough’.

“It was a lucky escape I’ll be honest with ya,” Conor exclusively told WWN, “I’ve always thought I was allergic to her, especially the passive aggressive tutting, and belittling of everything I do or achieve but now we’ve medical confirmation which is of some comfort”.

Despite the dangers posed with coming into contact with his mother-in-law, Conor has little choice but to carry around epinephrine shots with him at all times as Carol has now taken up residence in the house for the next month.

“The doctors say just jab the old injection into my leg when I react, but I think it might work better if I can just put it right through her heart,” Conor offered.