‘Lidl Guy’ Vows To Treat Homophobics Equally



HOMOPHOBIC shoppers in Portlaw, County Waterford today were guaranteed by Lidl employee, Paval Grześkowiak, that they can shop freely in the store without fear of being judged, and urged other retail outlets across the country to do the same.

Mr. Grześkowiak, originally from Poland, slammed Irish owned supermarket Spar for refusing a homophobic couple over the weekend, after they allegedly “mocked” a fellow customer wearing “flamboyant clothes”.

“At this time, we cannot prejudice people for their opinion or beliefs,” stated the 23-year-old, who was stocking shelves despite a large queue of customers waiting at his till. “If every shop assistant in Ireland stopped serving people because they were homophobic or racist then, we’d have no more shops. Simples”.

The weekend’s homophobic incident, which was documented in a now viral status update on the victim’s Facebook page, claims the male abuser turned to his female friend, saying ‘Look at the faggot in the shorts’.

Responding to the insult, the Spar employee serving the pair then refused them for calling the man such a name, forcing them both to leave the shop empty handed.

“People can’t be prejudiced against homophobic or racists,” added Grześkowiak, who claims to receive regular racist abuse from customers on a daily basis. “This is Ireland for Bono sakes. It’s part of who the people are”.

Since making the comments, Lidl CEO Herbert Burger told WWN that Paval Grześkowiak has since been suspended from the store pending review and apologised for his ridiculous statements.

Meanwhile, Centra have announced a layoff of 144 employee’s after finding them unfit for “going Viral”