What Your Russian Brides Order Says About You


DIDN’T think your choice of Russian Mail Order Bride spoke anything of your personality? You were wrong.

The Brunette

Many people’s favourite, a traditional choice. With this choice we can say with certainty that when it comes to the engaging in the sex slave trade, you like to play it safe. And by safe we mean a minimum sentence of

The 2-for-1

You like to get your money’s worth don’t you. Prudent as well as a criminal, the 2-for-1 really speaks volumes as to your character.

The Blonde

Suggests adventure, daring, but most of all highlights your willingness to enslave a woman to a lifetime of sexual servitude. You scamp.

Actually Not From Russia At All

Nice to see you don’t go in for stereotypes and are an equal opportunity enslaver. You’re the type of person who likes to go against the grain. I bet you’ve even dared to say The Dark Knight isn’t all its cracked up to be. Bravery abound.

The Refund

Always trying to be different, aren’t you? Had a change of heart and sent her packing. Not very empathetic of you. You’re the least craic-having banter merchant extraordinaire around these parts.