Blocking Of Torrent Sites By Service Providers Wipes Out Internet Piracy For Five Minutes


ONLINE piracy was dealt a hammer blow today as internet service providers took action to block access to popular torrent sites, resulting in users being unable to access pirated material until they found a proxy site.

The blocking of the sites was implemented by ISPs such as Eircom, UPC and Sky Broadband, in accordance with an Order of the High Court made at the request of the Irish Recorded Musicians Association.

Users of torrent sites such as Pirate Bay and Kick Ass Torrents woke this morning to find they were denied access to their preferred method of stealing shit online, prompting a search for a working mirror site which in some instances lasted up to five minutes.

“Yeah, I got up this morning to download the latest episode of The Walking Dead, only to find that the site I used had been blocked, ” said Malachy Murtagh, a 22-year-old student from Dublin.

“I was absolutely stumped, until I did a quick Google search and found a proxy site that was still open. It was looking hairy there for about thirty seconds, but I was able to catch up with Rick and the gang before I got stuck into a day of doing fuck all”.

The eradication of online piracy for five minutes this morning marks a significant victory for TV and film companies, who lose billions of dollars worldwide every year to illegal downloads, mostly perpetrated by people who were never going to pay for the downloaded content if they couldn’t get it for free.

Another blocking attack on torrent sites is expected to take place early next year, in the hope that piracy can be wiped out for ten minutes this time.