Band Aid Single To Raise Fraction Of Wealth Of Those Singing On It


A RE-RECORDED Band Aid song is expected to raise a fraction of the wealth of those singing on it, organiser Bob Geldof has revealed today.

Pre-orders of Band Aid 30, which was originally written to raise funds in the 1980’s to end famine in parts of Africa, have been “manic” since its unveiling and is set to raise “at least the monthly income of Bono” by Christmas.

“Within four or five minutes we had a million quid,” said Geldof, who has been urging people to donate their money to the cause he so carefully chose. “Everybody needs to donate to this cause because it’s like trending right now and I particularly like it to be honest”.

The video for the rehashed song, which is to help raise money to tackle the virus, was shown on ITV’s The X Factor last night to millions of unwilling viewers.

“Despite its relatively low death rate for a virus, it’s still a winner, and most of all, it also makes people like us feel good that we’re doing something productive,” Geldof told viewers.

“I’ll admit there are far needier disease charities out there at the moment, but this ticks all the band aid boxes; you just can’t beat images of dying Africans being stretchered off by people in protective suits while Bono sings so beautifully into a studio mic while holding his earphones.

“Could I get annoyed about Palestine or something like that? Yes, but this just sells itself,” he added.

According to the World Health Organisation, 4,877 have died from the Ebola virus this year, compared to influenza, which infects between 5-15% of the world population and causes severe illness in up to 5 million people and kills between 250,000 and 500,000 deaths per year, worldwide, including Africa.