Waterford Mother Making Fewer & Fewer Unanswered Phonecalls To Her Children


mother on phone

WATERFORD mother of four Carmel Foran is making fewer and fewer unanswered phone calls to her children, much to their relief.

Carmel, 64, has found it difficult to catch her children on their mobile phones since the technology found widespread popularity in the 90s.

“Yeah, I don’t know what the story is there, the signal just drops,” Carmel’s eldest, James explained as recently as 2009 at a family function,”I’ll get on to Vodafone about it this week I promise, but there’s no need for you to ring them honestly, it’s very complicated stuff Mam, electrons and that”.

Children, John, Mary, James and Ciara have struggled to answer their mother’s phone calls for much of their adult life due to poor phone reception regardless of their location.

“The man in the shop says there’s nothing wrong with my phone, but he’s very young looking, to be honest, I don’t think he has a notion,” Carmel explained.

Carmel, in an effort to regularly keep up to date with her children and inform them of her bowel movements, would make 70 missed calls a week, but recently that number has decreased.

“They’ve told me to get them on the Viber, the Snapchat and the Whatsapp instead because kids don’t use the phones as phones anymore,” Carmel told WWN, “my bloody luck as it is though, my Whatsapps don’t deliver straight away, something wrong with the wifi everywhere apparently, so my Ciara says”.

Widow Carmel has finally decided technology isn’t for her and now thinks it is best to stop ringing altogether.

“I don’t want to be stressing out John again, he says he has an awful time ringing Vodafone about the electrons, he has a lot on his plate,” said Carmel.

The longstanding phone reception problem is expected to be fixed when Carmel informs her children that she will be drafting her will in the coming weeks.