Some Young One Not On The X Factor Anymore



THE television viewing public has been left shocked by last night’s X Factor elimination which saw some young one go home.

Despite being the 3,456th young one to face the X Factor chop since the show began, many viewers watching at home just didn’t quite understand what was happening.

“What? Oh my God. Someone who had somewhat superior vocal ability to other contestants on the show was kicked off? This is most shocking to me as a viewer of talent based TV shows for 15 years,” shared Mairead Delaney.

Once the judges acted in a very honest manner by voting in such a way that left a deadlock for the 1,987th time in the show’s history, it was down to a public vote.

“No, no, no. This is so fucking stupid. She didn’t deserve to go,” uttered Pauline Ward while also adding that the other act up for elimination was a crime against humanity.

Shortly after that woman whose name is now already escaping you was voted off, she was, as is customary for the show, told to never attempt to contact any of the judges again. The show’s style personnel then worked tirelessly to undo any of the contestant’s makeover transformation, ripping out all hair extensions.

X Factor producers kindly gave the woman bus fare home.

“This is a joke,” offered Yvonne O’Brien on her Facebook feed, “how can someone who, on the surface, has more talent than others, not progress in this scrupulous and meritocratic TV show that is not in any way driven in its desire for ratings?”