Robbie Williams To Live-Tweet Conception Of Next Child


FORMER Take That member Robbie Williams has announced today that he will hold a live-tweet session while he and his wife attempt to conceive their third child.

The singer made the statement today following the birth of his second baby with his actress wife, Ayda Field. Williams had spent the previous 24 hours by his wife’s side in the labour ward, posting humourous videos and tweets as she gave birth to an as yet unnamed son.

Although many people criticised the entertainer for conducting a running commentary to his 2.34 million Twitter followers while his wife suffered through childbirth, Williams brushed these opinions aside and began work on plans to out-do himself by hosting a live-tweeting his attempts to get his wife pregnant for a third time.

“Mr. Williams is the consummate showman, and is always looking to top his last performance,” said Jenny St. Claire, PR spokesperson for the Rock DJ singer. “After getting such a great response on Twitter for his live-tweeting of the delivery of his new baby, Mr. Williams promises that the conception sessions will be bigger, better, funnier, and involve more props”.

“It is hoped that the millions of Robbie Williams fans worldwide will enjoy the wacky escapades he has planned, and that this will result in thousands of retweets and favs on Twitter, which would please Robbie more than anything,” she added.

Although the live-tweeting of the birth of his child lasted well over 24 hours, Williams’ attempts to impregnate his wife are not expected to take anywhere near that long.