“Did Ya See Love/Hate? Did Ya? Did Ya See It? Did Ya?” Asks Coworker Incessantly



FOLLOWING the excesses of the bank holiday weekend, much of the Nation ventured into work looking for a quiet day at the office only to be greeted by an excited coworker.

“Spoiler alert! So Love/Hate was fucking class,” exclaimed John Nugent, area manager of Nolan Catering to his coworkers.

Such was the high quality of the latest episode of Love/Hate, offices up and down the country are reporting a 60% increase in that lad in the office who won’t shut the fuck up about Love/Hate.

“I thought the bank holiday Monday might give him time to cool off,” explained irritated coworker Liam Gannon, “but he’s like a dog in heat with this Love/Hate episode”.

“Did ya see Love/Hate? Did ya? Did ya see it? Did ya?” John proceeded to say to every one of Nolan Catering’s 67 employees as they arrived into work this morning.

John spent much of the morning calling all 12 of his bald coworkers ‘Nidge Weasal’ while describing some of the scenes from Sunday’s episodes in incredible detail to people who had also seen those same scenes.

“I couldn’t even shit in peace,” admitted receptionist Amy Lyons, “John came bursting in, peering over the side of the cubicle talking about fucking born again Christians”.

The excited and incessant badgering carried out by John is expected to tail off at around 4.30pm when he will in all likelihood lose his voice.

“Fran’s a mad bastard” added John to no one in particular, but the silence his comment received seemed to deprive the Love/Hate fan of a meaningful affirmation that, yes, we also fucking saw the episode.