Calls For Emergency Aid As Distraught Mayo Family Lose Patio Chair In Hurricane Gonzalo


HURRICANE survivors, the Mooney family, are calling on the government for emergency aid after one of their patio chairs was swept away in last night’s storm, leaving them with an “odd numbered patio set” in their back garden today.

Michael (27) and Patricia Mooney (25) were left “devastated” following the discovery early this morning.

“We spent most of the night huddled in the bathtub with the three kids,” explained a dishevelled Mr. Mooney, who had to call in sick to work today. “Once the storm abated, I made my way around the house to check the damage. Then, to my utter horror, I spotted the patio furniture littered in the back yard. I could hardly speak I was so shocked.”

Wife and sometimes lover Patricia Mooney recalls the moment: “I shouted out to Mike asking if everything was okay. He didn’t answer me so I knew something was up. I left the kids in the bath and covered them with a large blanket for safety. When I got to the kitchen I found Mike in a fetal position on the floor, whimpering like an abused budgie.”

Gardai and emergency services were called onto the scene around 10am this morning. Following a large scale search of the area, it was announced that the white patio chair had been officially been reported missing.

“We believe the strong winds during the hurricane may have blown the chair out of the backyard and off into the wilderness.” explained a local Garda. “The local air and sea rescue helicopter was called in for the search but could not find anything. We just don’t have the resources here in Mayo to follow up on this. The government need to intervene.”

The white plastic patio chair is believed to have had four legs and some slight mould on the seat with slight scuffing on the arms – a characteristic sign of the previous spells of bad weather.

Gardai are asking residents in the Castlbar area to “keep their eyes peeled” for the chair as the family is very upset and miss it dearly.