“Are You Following Me Or Something?” Asks ‘Gas’ Friend In Supermarket


ABSOLUTELY ‘gas’ lad Padraig Thompson had friend Dermot Connors “in stitches” laughing this afternoon after asking the unsuspecting shopper if he was following him around the store or something.

The incident occurred around 2pm today in Tesco’s supermarket in Dun Laoghaire, south county Dublin.

“I met Paddy at the meat counter when I walked in.” explained Connors, who was still in the bits after the encounter. “We must have chatted for ten minutes or so before then parting and continuing to shop.

“Then, out of no where on the milk aisle, there he was again!”

It is understood the spontaneous Mr. Thompson leaned over to his friend’s ear to deliver his hilarious observation.

“Are You Following Me Or Something?” he asked his friend, who was by now only doubled over with the laughter.

“He’s as bold as brass that fella.” Connors later claimed. “Sure, we were only just talking a few minutes before hand at the meat counter. It actually was like he was following me; so that’s why it was really funny. What are the chances, eh?”

Following the calamity, Mr. Connors later found his friend at the checkout he was about to go to, but changed his mind as he deemed it “too mush for one day”.