The 7 Best Days Of The Week



WWN brings you all the latest in essential lists of things with this the definitive guide to the 7 best days of the week.

As part of our HerDailyEnterJoement series, we invite you, our reader to have a gander below to see what we make of Ireland’s favourite and most treasured days of the week. In no particular order:


Known to one and all as the beginning of the week, but that wasn’t always the case for Monday. Up until 1971 Ireland started its working week at 2.30pm on a Wednesday until someone from America told us we were doing it all wrong.


The Irish state purchased Sunday from the Catholic Church in late 2006 for an unspecified sum, but it is still a day the Irish public has mixed feeling towards. An extensive rebranding of the day was put off due to the onset of recession with the current Government showing little appetite for taking up the project any time soon.


Wednesday, or ‘not the weekend’ as it is known amongst the mad bastard community, has always served Irish people well and has a distinct look and feel which no one can quite define. ‘It’s feeling very much like a Wednesday’ is a common phrase used by the elderly as they begin their 3 hour journey across the road after leaving the post office.


Probably the most underrated day and oft omitted in countdowns of the best days of the week in no particular order. Nestled in between Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday is probably most famous for being the day on which the modern day clock was invented.


Saturday enthusiasts reaped the benefits of a sustained and well-funded PR and advertising push in the late 90s which redefined the first day of the weekend in the minds of many Irish people. Millions of pounds were poured into a campaign which saw Saturday endorsed by a number of leading celebrities including Dana, Mike Murphy, the ghost of JFK and B*Witched.


The most loved day of them all, Friday was introduced in the early 1950s by the world’s leading nations to distract people from the fact that with each passing day we are in fact closer to death. Thank God it’s Friday!


Woah! Just when you thought you’d seen it all, along comes Thursday with its enigmatic ways. Mercurial in composition Thursday has for years gone through something of an identity crisis. Some day experts attribute this to the fact Jesus died on a Thursday, but, really, who knows?

Thus concludes our thrilling exploration of the 7 best days of the week in no particular order.