34 Dead From Hypothermia Following Ice Bucket Challenge


ice bucket challenge

THE CELEBRITY endorsed ‘ice bucket challenge’ has done much to raise awareness and much needed funds for the fight against motor neurone disease (known more commonly as ASL in America) but in the last 48-hours a number of people have sadly died after attempting the well-meaning challenge.

As many as 34 young people in America, Ireland, Britain and elsewhere have lost their lives due in part to the phenomenon that is the ice bucket challenge. Almost all of the deaths have been attributed to hypothermia.

As with all online viral crazes, the ice bucket challenge started out on the internet, with participants allowed to nominate three other people they know to also carry out the challenge.

“People are finding it increasingly difficult to donate to causes online without having to partake in innovative social media campaigns,” revealed social media expert Ed Hussey, “the Alzheimer’s Society of America have begun to refuse donations if the person fails to provide proof they have participated in some sort of viral charity trend”.

In recent days large numbers of normal, non-celebrities had taken to social media to partake in the challenge and raise money for a good cause. However, such is the viral nature of the challenge many eager fundraisers have fallen foul of being caught up in the moment.

Sean Lacey, a 19-year-old student from Westmeath in Ireland, tragically died after developing hypothermia. His mother, Tara, spoke to WWN.

“His brothers threw the ice over him and as soon as he finished he immediately uploaded the video of it online,” a devastated Tara told WWN.

“I gave him a change of clothes and a towel, but he just ignored me, he keeps looking at his Facebook post with the video to see who was liking and commenting on it,” she added.

Sean spent the next hour monitoring the progress of his video on various social media platforms including Twitter, Vine and Instagram despite beginning to develop hypothermia.

“His last words to me, I’ll never forget them, he said to me ‘look Mom, 300 likes’ and then he was gone,” a brave Tara said before breaking down in tears.

It is thought Sean was so caught up in tracking the progress of his video that he forgot to donate to any charity.

Similar cases have been reported throughout America and in several towns in Britain.

If you need more information on how to safely carry out the ice bucket challenge, click here