Brave Cardinal Brady Hands In Resignation 40 Years Too Late



MANY Catholics have praised Cardinal Brady, the Catholic Primate of All Ireland, following his decision to resign from his position a full 40 years too late.

It is thought the Catholic Church has been weakened by the resignation of a Cardinal who had direct knowledge relating to the rape and abuse of children by paedophile Fr. Bredan Smyth, but choose not to alert the Gardaí or any state authority.

“How can the church retain any credibility if it lets one of its finest leaders retire. Surely a big party is the least they can do,” said religious affairs expert Hugh McLeod.

Brady has been praised for handing in his resignation at the age of 75, as is dictated by Canon Law, giving Catholics an indication that the Vatican has really stepped their duties to the young and vulnerable victims of sexual assaults.

“I think it’s great and very brave of the Cardinal to admit he may have done right. That is clear in his decision to hand in a compulsory resignation at the age of 75, nearly a full 40 years after he did little to help victims, it’s a pity he couldn’t stay on longer,” shared Catholic Church fan Dermot O’Hanlon.

“And fair play to the Pope for excepting it, if only there was some sort of Canon Law or even general law that stated it was wrong to protect paedophile priests, they could have perhaps acted quicker to help Brady resign,” added O’Hanlon.

Cardinal Brady had extolled the virtues of forgiveness and chastised the Irish public in recent years for their desire to unfairly judge, stating they lacked ‘mercy’. It is thought Brady was referring to the Irish public’s lack of mercy toward priests who had effectively shielded paedophile priests from discovery, but not of lacking mercy for the victims of sexual abuse.

“I presumed he’ll get some reward, a lovely plaque maybe,” shared lifelong Catholic Eamon Hickey, “you can’t let his services to silence go unrewarded. If the Pope has his act together, he might throw him an old bit of body of Christ. A lovely Chilean vintage or something”.

Many Catholics who have continued to defend the Church and Cardinal Brady have been asked to get ‘it was a different time’ tattooed across their faces as a tribute to the brave Brady, who has done so much for the sexual abuse victims in Ireland.