The 5 Best Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence’s Elbows


After being recently voted world’s number one female elbow owner, we decided to showcase some of Jennifer Lawrence’s best elbow shots for our WWN readers today.

And boy do we not disappoint!

Here is probably the most provocative of the pictures we have – the elbow shrug. Look how she elongates the right arm and turns the nipple of her bow towards the camera. Such poise, and what a statement to all those right-wing elbow critics out there. That recognisable dimple makes this one of her most memorable elbow shots to date. Raaaaar!!


The shnakey 90 degree – a favorite technique used by Marilyn Monroe in her day. Doesn’t Jennifer carry it off beautifully? Almost right-angled. Some say a bit ‘too right-angled’, prompting plastic surgery fears. Whatever the case, we love her left elbow as much as the right. Mmmmmmmm…so sexy.


The old casual double bend at the hip routine. Is there nothing this girl can’t do? You can see here that both bows are almost exactly the same. A real star in the making. Phwoooooaaaar!!


This is just teasing now isn’t it? Voted number one in Elbow magazine’s top elbow pics of 2013, this was taken just moments after the young star won an Oscar for best actress ever to own two elbows. Often copied but never equaled. How does she do it time after time???? That angle is to die for. Jwiiiing!


Less is more here with this astonishing shot. The elbow is almost covered by the couch material, but shows just enough to reveal her best feature. Jennifer has openly revealed that this picture is her favorite elbow portrait so far, and we can see why. Her face says it all: ‘I have a great elbow, so why not flaunt it?”. We love you Jennifer.