‘Lying About How Good Your Sex Life Is’ Voted Ireland’s Favourite Sex Position



Following a lengthy campaign and search for Ireland’s favourite position when it comes to sex, WWN can reveal that it is the tried and trusted ‘lying about how good your sex life is’.

Over 65% of people who voted in an online poll chose ‘lying about how good your sex life is’ ahead of previously more popular positions like missionary, ‘doggy style’, ‘lob it in there boss’ and ‘weeping willow tackled by an angry cat’.

“Oh yeah myself and the boyfriend have been at that one for years, never fails,” shared serial ‘lying about how good your sex life is’ user Anne Flannery when asked for her thoughts on the survey by WWN.

The survey allowed for as many as 148 different positions to be chosen from but ‘lying about how good your sex life is’ comfortably came out on top.

Despite the result of the vote, some people strongly disagree with the results.

“Eh, no, I don’t use that position, I, eh, have the sex a lot. It’s good like, the sex. I had a twosome there last week and it like involved sex,” offered Dublin man Dave Henry.

“Oh God that vote is nonsense, I broke my leg once after my 12th orgasm of the night, that’s how great my hubby Tom is at the having of the sex,” Sligo woman Orna Davin reassured WWN.

While many Irish people clearly enjoy other positions, it seems the growing popularity of ‘lying about how good your sex life is’ could shockingly see couples steadily increase the amount of lies they tell about their sex lives.

“No, lying is not for me, I’m afraid,” shared Carlow woman and wife of 8 years Alice Tiernan, “my husband loves when I’m jobbing the blows and all that. He’s such a generous lover, he just ravishes me during the ad breaks between Corrie and you know, we’re barely finished by the time it comes back on”.