Undercover Guard Infiltrating Drug Gang Enjoying The Pay Increase



Garda Simon Byrne, newly embedded in the Hogan-Farrell drug gang, is reportedly delighted with some of the perks he is enjoying in his new job, including a significant pay increase, WWN has learned.

“I was weary at first, you know, being undercover in a dangerous gang and that,” said the 29-year-old Garda of his slow acceptance into the gang under the alias of Johnny Murphy, “but fuck me the pay isn’t half bad, no tax and the lads in the gang said they’re getting year on year increases, bonuses the works”.

‘Murph’ starting work with the Hogan-Farrell gang at the end of last month in an effort to expose their drug business which sees them bring in tonnes of cocaine each and every year.

“The lads at the station said I’m not supposed to say I watched Love/Hate to prepare, but well, I did,” Murph told WWN, “practiced throwing shapes too for about two months, got the wingspan of my walk to about 2 metres wide so I knew I was ready to go in”.

Murph has yet to be exposed to, the more ‘high level’ parts of the crime operation, but hopes, in time, to expose the criminals for what they are and see them jailed for their crimes.

“I’m taking Sharon and the kids to Disneyland after getting my first bonus, The Scorpion, my boss like, well his name is actually Dave, he came up to me out of nowhere and gave me €5,000 for ‘doing well’, think I might hand in my notice at the station. Dave has been very good to me in fairness, encouraging me and telling me there are promotion opportunities,” explained the ardent crime fighter and member of the police service