New Terminator Movie To Be Set In Retirement Home For T-800s



The new entry into the Terminator movie series ‘Terminator Genesis’ is set to appear in cinemas early next year.

Franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to play the iconic role of the T-800 alongside Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor.

There has much speculation regarding the plot of the movie as the Terminator films are famed for their use of time travel and possible alternative futures depending on the success of the movie’s heroes.

That speculation can now come to a halt as Gale Anne Hurd, producer on the Terminator films, revealed some details to movie industry website earlier this week.

“We’ve got to honour the legacy of the characters, the bond John Connor has with Arnold’s T-800 but it’s a fast paced future out there in the world of a Skynet domination and the original T-800 is frankly old and obsolete,” Hurd explained.

“Genesis will see Arnold’s T-800 enter a retirement community for cyborgs. It’s really a touching tribute to what Arnold has done with the character. John Connor will be riding an emotional roller coaster before ultimately removing Arnie’s battery pack for the final time.”

Those who have read the script praise the story as an unflinching allegory for assisted suicide while still finding time to spend €200 million on blowing up stuff.

Action set pieces involve Arnie’s T-800 growing frustrated with old age, indiscriminately lashing out at care staff at the retirement community as well as several attempts at escaping the facility. His T-800 also stages a protest when fellow patients are denied adequate game and activity time. Arnie himself was enthusiastic about the movie’s prospect.

“It’s a real testament to what we can do with this wonderful character. We see him fall in love with an obsolete iPad 12 which is also in the retirement community, it is so beautiful. I’m an old cyborg but I have feelings and incontinence just like any other T-800 over a certain age,” beamed Arnie.

“There is a great scene too with Robert Patrick’s T-1000 and we just talk and talk all of the night and we realise you know, we are both just misunderstood cybernetic organisms,” Arnie added.