Motorists Suggest Introduction Of Middle Finger Hand Signals In New Driving Test


Couple in a car

Following the announcement that motorists will be asked for their opinion on how they want driving tests to be conducted in the future, the Road Safety Authority has been inundated with helpful suggestions from the public.

Motorists have flocked to the RSA’s website in their thousands to share their suggestions, but one particular suggestion have garnered overwhelming support.

“Well, yes it seems motorists would like to see middle finger ‘salutes’ be part of the rules of the road,” shared head of the RSA Mairead Shanley, “like we said we are only at the consultation stage but if enough people think the trusted ‘fuck you and your car’ hand signal is of benefit we will make it mandatory.”

Driving experts have campaigned for years to force the middle finger hand signal issue, making it become part of official driving etiquette.

“There is no hand signal that better says ‘you cut me off you prick, I’ll knife you if you even think about getting out’ than the middle finger. It’s about time it’s added to any and all tests,” shared driving instructor Neville Folan.

Some suggestions, such as the middle finger hand signal, have received a positive reaction, but some other individuals have proposed less ‘traditional’ changes to the test.

“It’s about time we admit that once the test is done, you do be going 90 down a housing estate outside a hospital beside a school because you couldn’t give a shite,” admitted boy racer Craig Hurley, “but why not, like, let us practice the safe version of that so we can get better?”

Craig made a number of proposals which have received some support amongst boy racers and realists alike. If accepted motorists could well find themselves rewarded for the number of times they swear while breaking a red light as well as bonus points for a ‘fucking class’ hand brake turn.

The criteria for a ‘fucking class’ hand brake turn are still unclear, but the RSA’s consultation period is only in its infancy.

“Who do ya talk to about the road safety ads? Haven’t shit me brick over one of them in a long time. Standards are slipping like,” Craig added.

“It’d be good if we could get classes on how to take selfies while changing lanes, I’ve always struggled with that one,” admits provisional license holder and avid instagram user Clodagh Brophy.

The deadline for submissions is the 18th of July and shortly after the deadline some of practical adjustments listed above could make up part of the official driving test new motorists will face.