Alcohol Related Story To Be Popular On WWN This Weekend


WITH the advancing June Bank Holiday Weekend, Waterford Whispers News readers, are eagerly anticipating how the satirical news site will make them reflect upon the problems associated with Ireland’s drinking culture, right before they crack open their third can of the day.

A poll of readers carried out on Google+ found that articles relating to substance abuse are amongst the most popular that WWN produce.

Tony McInerney, long-time WWN reader and Mayo resident told WWN that he loves reading the drinking related stories because drinking is something which he thoroughly enjoys.

“Drinking is always class no matter what and seeing headlines like “Irish People over 15 Drink an Average of 11.9 Litres of Pure Alcohol a Year” or “Alcohol Kills One Person a Day in Ireland” always cracks me up when I see them. It’s gas to think that some people think they’re real articles”

Drinkaware spokesperson, Sandra White spoke at length to WWN about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption or something.

Our reporter was captivated by poster behind Ms. White with a golden tinted pint of lager brewed from the finest hops available and glisteningly sweating cool droplets.

The poster had some terrifying slogan on it, but it didn’t register with our reporter who left in the middle of the interview to satiate his thirst in the pub next door to Drinkaware headquarters.