‘We Could Do With A Sup Of Rain’, Says Annoying Farmer Cunt


A REALLY annoying farmer cunt claimed today ‘we could do with a sup of rain’, as current temperatures are far too high for crop growth.

Tadgh Power, owner of a 97 acre farm in south Tipperary, is worried that crops will dry up in the warm weather and urged people to pray the Saint Isidore, the patron saint of farming.

“The sun is splitting the stones out there now and it looks like it’s down for at least a week.” said the 57-year-old father of twenty seven. “If it doesn’t cool down the country will be fucked like Africa.”

Mr Power made the comments at his local supermarket today. However, not everyone waiting in the queue welcomed the farmers wishes.

“Those annoying farmer cunts are never happy.” said one man who overheard the conversation. “It either too wet or too fucking hot for them.”

Met Éireann have predicted the weather to last until Saturday, and said they have already received several complaints from farmers across the country, asking the meteorological department for some rain.

Meteorologist, Gerard Fleming, told WWN that Met Eireann don’t do ‘requests’, and the weather is actually out of their control.

“You’d be amazed at the amount of letters we receive annually from culchies requesting different types of climate.” he said. “The department here does not have any part to play in changing the weather.”

Meanwhile, the Irish Water Safety authority have warned that Tramore beach in county Waterford has been deemed unsafe to swim in, due to the high levels of Dubs in the water.