Sinn Féin Still Deciding Which Rebel Song To Play After Elections



Sinn Féin’s election HQ was a hive of activity this morning as the republican party is perhaps just 24 hours away from recording historic gains in the local and European elections.

Despite the jovial atmosphere at the party’s offices, WWN can exclusively reveal that the party hierarchy are locked in a debate about which republican ballad should be played once all votes are counted.

Party sources indicate that leading Sinn Féin figures believe the post-election song will prove more important than various policies when it comes to getting the general public onside.

“We’re at a crossroads here at Sinn Féin, a dawn of a new era,” an unnamed source shared, choosing to obscure his face using a balaclava, “we could go with something like Danny Boy but it’s not buoyant and celebratory enough, we’re at a loss really.”

While Gerry Adams is thought to favour any song from the back catalogue of Enya, deputy leader and saviour of the world Mary Lou McDonald thinks that while Enya’s ethereal majesty is beyond reproach her music does not portray a republican message.

“For Christ’s sake Mary, have you not got the Lord of the Rings soundtracks?” Adams is believed to have remarked, in one of the more heated exchanges.

The delicate nature of Sinn Féin’s reputation amongst some of the Irish public makes the decision incredibly tough, prompting Sinn Féin to consider commissioning an original song instead.

“No, the original song business was a disaster, the hardliners are so giddy at the thought of progress in the elections, they just went too far,” admitted a Sinn Féin press officer.

WWN has since learned that the 84 remaining members of The Dubliners had their entry ‘The Queen Me Hoop’ rejected out of hand.

Our inside source revealed that after much intense debate, a compromise was reached.

“What if we just picked a ballad that didn’t have any of the bad murders in it, just the good ones?” A fresh faced intern is believed to have suggested much to the delight of the senior party members.

The final decision will not officially be known until Sinn Féin post-premature-party celebrations get underway late Saturday night.