Off-Duty Garda To Practice Taser Moves In Mirror With Hairdryer For A While


GARDA David Power is to practice his taser moves in front of a bathroom mirror while holding a hair dryer for the evening, he has revealed.

Mr. Power, who has been working on the beat in Clonmel town since 2011, said he can’t wait for the introduction of armed policing in Ireland, stating that he regularly poses with his girlfriends dryer in a bid to get “the look right”.

“I think it’s very important to get the stance right when holding a weapon,” explained the 26-year-old Cavan man. “Me and the lads sometimes bring hurl’s into the station and practice when it’s not busy. Some craic now in fairness.”

The Garda Representative Association, said Taser stun guns should be available more widely to respond to the estimated 1,000 attacks carried out on gardaí each year.

“Too right,” added Garda Power. “Those yokes pack some wallop. There’s plenty of scumbags I’d love to be tasering around the town. We’ll see how smart they are if these things get the go ahead.

“I’ll be like Raiden from Mortal Kombat….PEW…PEW…PEW!!” he added, while mimicking a gun with his index finger.

At the moment Gardai are only allowed carry fast food items to defend themselves.

Garda Power went on: “There are only so many sausages you can throw at a lad before he stops eating them. Tasers are the way forward. Plus, you can heat up food with them too. Seen it on the internet.”