Local Lad Stockpiles Cans Ahead Of Good Friday


MANAGER of Cashman’s Off License in Waterford Gary Cashman was stunned today as his stock of cans was depleted by local lad Diarmuid ‘Dingo’ Walsh in a matter of minutes.

Mr. Cashman spoke to WWN about his shock at selling Mr. Walsh 9 slabs of Blonderbräu and 9 slabs of Druids all at once.

The 53 year old said “Usually, there’s a bit of a rush the night before Good Friday as people realise it’s the one day of the year people can’t drink away their unhappiness but I never imagined something like this happening.”

“Dingo arrived in at his normal time, half 12 or thereabouts. I had the usual 6 cans, packet of Drum and Red Rizla all ready to go at the counter for him. But, he told me to hold on a sec’, grabbing our only trolley and heading towards the slabs.”

Mr. Walsh returned to a shocked Mr. Cashman balancing the slabs on a trolley asking how much it cost.

Mr. Cashman further stated “I have no clue where Dingo got the money for all of it, but surely what matters now is that I have it.”

Dingo told our reporter that his reasons for hoarding are uncomplicated.

“Sure I’m always getting’ caught out on Good Friday and that means no drinking for a whole day. Can’t be havin’ tha’. I’m all well prepared to celebrate the death of our lord and saviour now.”

Mr. Cashman assured WWN that he is not worried he’s lost a valuable customer for a couple of weeks. “Sure he’ll have that blown through by Saturday afternoon.”