Herpes Voted Most Stylish STD



The latest poll, carried out on celebrity gossip site perezhilton.com has revealed herpes to be the sought after venereal disease of the coming year.

Thousands are said to have voted in the website’s poll, which saw herpes jump ahead of last year’s winner syphilis.

Perez Hilton said he was not surprised by this year’s victor. “Well Lindsay Lohan did catch it on four separate occasions this year and Lady Gaga wore a dress with a herpes pattern, Stella McCartney I think it was, to Milan Fashion week so it’s no shock to me that it’s triumphed. So hot!”.

Many prominent celebrities are said to have actively pursued catching several venereal diseases at once as part of a trendy new detox. The detox was the motivation behind singer Katy Perry beginning a relationship with hunky singer John Mayer

The results from the poll may lead to a number of down and out celebrities desperately try to catch the STD in an attempt to relaunch their careers.

Reports that both Nick Nolte and Melanie Griffiths, who share the same management, have herpes has been been denied with their agent stating that “it is merely a coincidence that they look like a human representation of the disease”.