Emotional Male (34) Marks Kurt Cobain Anniversary By Sharing ‘The Man That Sold The World’ Video



HUNGOVER and emotional Carlow man Timmy Reid woke up to a nostalgic barrage of Nirvana posts and tweets this morning in memory of the band’s dead lead singer Kurt Cobain, who died 20 years ago today.

Undeterred by the already saturated feed, the 34-year-old pulled out all the stops by posting the song ‘The Man That Sold The World’ from their “defining performance” on MTV’s Unplugged session in 1993.

Wiping some tears, Mr. Reid managed to string together a touching tribute to the dead man on the YouTube video link: ‘Nirvana influenced me to pick up the guitar and I thank them for that precious gift. Kurt died so young and was a testament to original music.’

After posting the piece, Reid decided to edit his online memorial, adding: ‘Young people these days have no idea what talent is with the likes of Nicki Minaj and that Miley Cyrus one. It’s all about the money and advertising now.’

Following several likes from some close friends, younger brother Michael Reid commented on the post, stating: ‘Shut the fuck up Timmy ya dope. Never once have I heard you play a guitar, not mind say listen to Nirvana. Weren’t you the one twerking to Nicki Minaj at our sister’s wedding last month, making a tit out of yourself?’

Offended by his 24-year-old brother’s blatant attack, Timmy Reid immediately phoned his brother on his mobile, but he would not answer.

“Fuck you you fucking prick. Remove that comment before I tell mam about Ibiza.” he texted.

Within two minutes the comment was removed.

Kurt Cobain died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head this day in 1994. Since then the musician has become synonymous with sensitive human beings across the world, all claiming to have understood the star’s hurt.