Garda Bugging Contains Over 400 Hours Of Calls To Takeaways



Although the Nation is still trying to wrap its head around yesterday’s revelations of Garda bugging further details are now emerging.

We now know that the recording of ingoing and outgoing calls in the vast majority of Garda Stations has been occurring throughout the country unbeknownst to the Government and general public. The system was replaced with an upgraded digital one in 2008.

WWN can now exclusively reveal that of the 2,500 tapes on record some 400 hours of them are made up of various Gardaí placing orders with local takeaways for breakfast, brunch, lunch, that little meal before dinner, dinner, second dinner, supper, late night snack, midnight snack and late/early breakfast.

It is widely speculated that Gardaí spent 40% more time talking about what they were going to eat than on crime, but this figure cannot be confirmed by WWN at this time.

While it is still unclear who exactly made the decision to forgo the constitutional rights of the Nation’s citizens in order to secretly record calls, we can now conclusively prove the Gardaí’s spend on takeaways every year is close to the net income of a small African republic.

The most popular item ordered by the Gardaí seems to be the Battered Burger. However, the precise figure is not known as some of the audio quality of tapes heard by WWN were quite poor. It often sounded like individual Gardaí were ordering as many as 4 burgers for themselves at one time, which would of course be a fatal batter-dose.

One takeaway owner Mario Duffy had admitted to the media that while he appreciated the business he felt the 1 hours orders took their toll on him over time. “In another world I could say this is harassment, an obsession, but I felt I needed to stay quiet for my own safety,” shared the troubled takeaway owner.

What this latest bit of emerging information means for the impending investigation is unclear.

More to follow as we get it…