Anti-Austerity Campaigner To Finally Stop Protesting And Get a Job



VOCAL anti-austerity campaigner Breainduin MacDermott-Ryan is to finally quit his four year battle against the government, in an attempt to get a job.

The 26 year old arts graduate and former member of the Occupy Dame Street movement has come under pressure in recent years from his parents to get work and move out of their house.

“It’s sad, really” Breainduin told us, while filling out an application form for a part-time position in Harvey Normans. “I’ve spent the last few years fighting for this country, against bankers and bailouts. I’ve been to every march and every sit-in. I really feel like we had the government on the ropes, that they would crack at any minute and I could get a high-ranking job in the civil service or something. But my folks have told me that I have to either start paying rent now, or move out”.

Arrested twice for civil disobedience, the highly intellectual Breainduin believes that if only more people had joined the anti-austerity movement then the country would be in a much better financial situation.

“Look at Iceland, man” he repeated, over and over. “Burn the bondholders. It’s not our debt. The banks ruined this country. Look at Iceland. If only more people would have joined our movement, instead of working like ants to pay their way in life. Me and people like me are doing our best to get prosperity back to this country so that young people wouldn’t have to emigrate to find work and I could get a job I deserve, one that wasn’t stacking shelves in Dunnes”.