Mila Kunis ‘Ruined Now’, Say Men


THOUSANDS of single men across the world were left devastated today after news that Mila Kunis was pregnant with Ashton Kutchers child. 

The actress is said to be planning for her first celebrity baby, just weeks after the couple announced they will be walking down the aisle together.

At home, hundreds of distraught men were left heart-broken by the news, forcing many to vent their anger on-line.

“She’s ruined now.” said twitter user David Jenkins. “Mila is damaged goods as far as I’m concerned. Now we’ll never be together.”

Many more men took to attacking the 70’s show stars fiance, with one person calling Mr Kutcher a ‘cunt destroyer’.

“His name should be changed to Ashton Butcher.” stated another livid man.

The couple have been friends for many years, having starred alongside each other on That ’70s Show. It is believed they got romantically involved following Kutchers break up with Demi Moore.

The baby is due to ruin Mila Kunis in September.