“It’s a Saint Patrick’s day prank.” Insists emigrating Gilligan



WHEELCHAIR BOUND gangster John Gilligan has claimed that emigrating to Britain is just the latest in a long list of hilarious pranks he has been pulling on the Irish media since his release from prison.

The 60-year-old was discharged from James Connolly Memorial Hospital at around midnight last night, before being transported by bulletproof car to a ferry to England.

“It’s a Saint Patricks day prank!” insisted the veteran criminal. “In fact, this whole shooting thing was a joke. I was having ye all on. No ones after me at all. It’s just a bit of craic. Nothing to worry about at’ll.”

The once-feared gang boss was then escorted to his awaiting car by gardai.

“Does anyone know if The Sunday World delivers to the UK?” he joked, while being lifted into the car.

Armed Gardai followed Mr. Gilligan’s car to ensure that he wouldn’t be “pranked” along the way.

The drug trafficker, who called a previous attempt on his life a “Halloween prank”, told WWN that he will be back again for an Easter prank, and warned it will be his best prank to date.

“My next one will be gas altogether.” he concluded, while boarding the ferry.