Pistorius Vomit Goes For Auction On E-bay



THE REGURGITATED contents of Oscar Pistorius’ stomach has been put on-line for auction on E-bay, it has emerged today.

The vomit, which comes in its original green court bucket, has gone for an opening bid of $10,000, but is expected to fetch more than ten times that over the next few days.

It is believed a court janitor is responsible for the item, which claims to contain 3 litres of part-digested food, including: carrots, bread and various cereals from the Paralympic sprinters stomach.

The green bucket of puke will go on auction on the site until the end of next week, and the seller claims he will freeze the item for shipping later this evening.

In the product description it reads: Original Oscar Pistorius Court vomit. Comes in Paddies day green bucket. Contents weigh just under 3 litres. May contain nuts, milk and other allergy related foods. Item will be frozen for safe keeping. Must buy for any collector of sick.

It is understood the contents are a cummilation of several Pistorius regurgitations during court proceedings.”