Woman Who Doesn’t Want To Be Judged Keeps Entering Miss Ireland


Shona Rossiter, a 21-year-old student and model from Kildare has expressed her frustration at receiving constant criticism from people who seek to unfairly judge her.

The science student took to a number of social media platforms to inform her legion of fans that this year she ‘aimed to be true to myself and ignore those who seek to judge me despite not knowing me’.

These remarks from the stunner come not long after a series of online comments aimed at Rossiter seemed to level several unfair criticisms in her direction.

“You know who you are,” the beauty’s statement read, stopping short of naming the offending parties, but it is hoped they possess the required powers of deduction to identify themselves.

Rossiter then went on to announce that she would enter the Miss Ireland contest for a 4th year running in an effort to achieve one of her goals for the year.

“Figured I’d give it a go again, what is there to lose?” Rossiter said of the competition, which appraises the beauty and character of women between the ages of 17 and 23 who have never been married and are yet to have a child.

The format of the competition has changed over the years, but the core principle of judges awarding points and judging young women primarily according to their beauty has remained throughout.

The intelligent Kildare native has already expressed her disappointment at her lack of a bikini body but the size 6 model hopes a dry January will stand her in good stead.