Nigerian Prince Says He Is For Real This Time


Controversial Nigerian Prince Adebayo Achebe II has spoken exclusively to WWN about the scams that made him a household name and how he is turning over a new leaf.

“It is true, I owe the people, the many people apologies,” offered the Prince, “I lied about business opportunities, about being kidnapped. You name it, I lied about it to rob people of their money”. Prince Achebe II served 7 years in prison for fraud and theft, but insists that now he is on the path to rehabilitation and wants to give back to society. Despite the crimes he committed the Prince says he has made some lasting from friends through his infamous email sending.

“The people may doubt me, they may curse me, but they must know I swear it is for real this time,” the Prince said, pleading, “I bow my head in shame for the things I have done but God has given me a second chance.”

WWN spent several hours in the Prince’s company learning about the man behind 97% of all scams perpetrated on the internet. Despite all the pain the Prince has caused he appeared resilient and more willing than ever to make something of himself.

“I know the reputation I have now, but I guarantee that this latest business opportunity I have is fail safe and will give to the investor a great reward. I only need for them these few things: their name, bank account details and photo ID. I only ask as I don’t want to risk being scammed, you understand. The investment is all hush hush, top secret, but once the money is in my account I can purchase the stock for you, making the investor very very rich.”

WWN’s resident, business expert Thomas J. Dillon admits to being cautious of Prince Achebe II’s claims. “This promise of becoming very, very rich as opposed to just the normal very rich has my spidey sense tingling, but that could just be my breakfast repeating. He seems like a nice bloke so I would recommend investing to our readers – this could be the next Bebo or something”.