HSE Announces 3,000 New JobBridge Placements For Junior Doctor Positions


Surgical Team with Various Instruments

THE Health Service Executive has announced 3,000 new JobBridge vacancies today for unemployed people looking to gain work experience in the medical field.

Speaking to WWN earlier, national director of Human Resources Barry O’Brien said that management is currently looking to fill 3,000 NCHDs positions over the next four weeks, due to a recent vacuum in the HSE.

Mr O’Brien said all applicants must fill out a two page form on-line before being considered for the position.

“This is a great opportunity for young unemployed people to try their hand in medicine,” said O’Brien. “All applicants must answer twenty multiple choice questions on the human anatomy correctly, before being short-listed and put forward for placement.”

It is understood that the Junior Doctor positions will entail a ninety hour week, with some shifts lasting as long as 30 hours. Successful candidates will receive an extra fifty euros on top of their dole per week, bringing their total income on the Junior Doctor JobBridge internship to €235.

“I can’t wait to get my hands dirty.” said 19-year-old unemployed man Thomas Gahan. “I love Greys Anatomy and all that doctor shit. Some of them nurses are fair hot so they are.”

“There’s a bunch of us going to apply for it,” he added. “It’s going to be some buzz.”

The HSE said the 9-month postion may be extended; depending on the individual aptitude of the JobBridge intern.

“We’ll judge them on how many lives they save, compared to how many lives they lose.” concluded HR manager, Barry O’Brien.