Enda Kenny Must Be ‘Mad Craic Altogether’ After Hilarious Photobomb, Thinks Everyone



EVERYONE WHO has seen this hilarious photobomb picture of Enda Kenny at the All-Ireland Final thinks he’s ‘mad craic alrogether’, it was revealed today.

The Taoiseach was pictured making humorous facial gestures behind two unsuspecting females yesterday, who were posing innocently for a photograph at the time.

“Our friend said he’d kindly take a picture of us.” recalls Tracey Keane, who is pictured on the left. “We didn’t realise what had happened until we opened the picture.

“Sure we nearly died on the spot when we seen the leader of Ireland making funny faces behind us.” she added.

However, Ms. Keane stated that the Taoiseach kept insisting they should take more photographs of themselves while he made more ‘funny faces’ behind them.

“He was actually quite annoying and kept laughing at what he had done.” she explained. “We had to move seats to get away from him as he ruined the whole first half of the game for us by poking us and making fart noises.”

“We found him very clingy and very fucking irritating.”

Meanwhile, the picture has received some positive feedback from the majority of the public.

“I’d say he’s some man to go on a session with.” said one man. “A few yokes and a bag of cans now and he’d be mad craic altogether.”

Latest figures have shown the picture has put the Taoiseach back on top of the polls.