Bank Guarantee 5 Years On: Reenactments Take Place Across The Country



There were sombre scenes up and down the country as hundreds of bank guarantee ‘reenactments’ were staged this morning.

Many actors and volunteers gave their time to faithful stagings of the moments leading up to the Fianna Fail/Green coalitions decision to give a blanket guarantee to six financial institutions.

In Dublin’s Merrion Square, an amateur dramatics society’s retelling of the guarantee saw a rotund man in a vintage 2008 suit sweat himself into a panic while on the phone.

Elsewhere around the country some of the reenactments took on a more artistic approach. In Waterford, actors threw large amounts of faeces at other actors dressed as crying children while in Galway protesters marking the occasion took to flushing money down toilets.

It was a more macabre affair in Donegal as those partaking in a reenactment where blind folded and pointed in the direction of the nearest cliff.

Sondra Keeley, a sculptor, put a contemplative piece on display in her gallery in Carlow town to mark the anniversary and spoke to WWN exclusively about the piece’s meaning.

“I tried to be subtle in my depiction of that dark night in September, I wanted a subtle message because you know, the search for truth in anything is tough. So as you can see I had a grossly overweight man name ‘Brain Offal’ decapitate a helpless child, a stand in for the nation’s children but you probably wouldn;t have got that.”

It is believed these kind of displays will carry on throughout the day. More to follow as we get it…