You Know You’re Irish When……



1:Everyone you have ever talked to in your whole life confirms the fact that you are indeed Irish. Your mother, father, sisters and brothers constantly tell you that, you, and everyone else that lives around you, are Irish. There is no conspiracy here my friend.


2: If you are about to board a plane and someone asks you for your passport and you take it out, and low and behold – its an Irish passport – then there is no doubt you have Irish citizenship and are legally Irish. (Unless of course you work for the Israeli secret service)


3: If somehow you get lost one day and forget again where exactly you are on the globe, then just try hitting the ‘locate’ button on any GPS system. If it comes up with a map of Ireland as a location, then you are probably in Ireland, and are, quite possibly, Irish. And in case you didn’t know, Ireland is that small country in the map above there. Try and remember what it looks like in case you forget and need to sketch it out on a beer mat or something.

Irish Birth Cert_Healy_Thomas

4:This is possibly the most solid piece of evidence in your investigation into your Irishness. It is an Irish birth-cert. Everyone who was born in Ireland has one.  It would be a safe bet to say, that if you own one of these, you are indeed Irish.

I hope this has cleared up any confusion into your nationality.

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