Fine Gael’s Annual Think-in Produced Close To 4 Ideas


Fine Gael’s annual ‘think-in’ has already been hailed as a great success by party members as it produced almost 4 ideas.

“We’re delighted,” stressed Richard Bruton, “and if I could add, these are all new ideas, we haven’t recycled old redundant ideas I swear to God”.

Fine Gael party members attended the think-in ahead of the new Dáil term in an effort to team-build and create the perfect conditions for new ideas that could turn the country around.

Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald was full of praise for some of the suggestions made but admitted there wasn’t much love for “any of that ‘the children are the future’ lark I’ve been mentioning”.

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who chaired the think-in, is said to be pleased with the ideas put forth by many of his cabinet within the Fine Gael party. A party insider told WWN that “Enda was delighted if I can be frank.

The one dampener was the vetoing of Leo Vradkar’s ideas for special hats with ‘Fine Gael’ written on them. But sure look it hats are so so difficult to get right, and you can’t be seen to be taking risks like that.”

While the almost 4 ideas that were shared and settled upon will not be revealed to the voting public yet party insiders insist that they are ‘only marvelous, honest’.