Coppers To Be Declared Unesco World Heritage Site.



Irish tourism received a major boost today following the announcement that Coppers, Dublin’s beloved nightclub, will be awarded heritage status by Unesco; the arm of the UN which promotes science, education and culture throughout the world.

The honour was bestowed upon the exalted late night venue following a lengthy process.

Dublin’s Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn was on hand this afternoon to congratulate the owners and discuss the nightclub’s history with historians, scholars and attending journalists.

‘It has been said that Coppers was built on ancient Indian burial ground and that this may be the reason for the amour fou which take place but I happen to know pre-1900 this place was the site of Dublin’s largest Oyster merchants…enough said really’.

When pressed about whether the Mayor has ever attended a night in Coppers he had this to say: ‘Show me a man who says he hasn’t and I’ll show you a liar! Ah the girls are like flies on shit when they see a man over the age of 40 in there.

In their naivety they think their mocking goes unnoticed but at the end of the day I get away with an auld feel don’t I?’

The owners concurred that an Oyster merchant did in fact rent the property once upon a time and it was the main reason for that smell.

Coppers cultural impact continues to influence Irish culture with 60% of all pregnancies having their roots in Coppers.