Aborting Foetal Abnormalities Would Be Depriving Future Politicians Of Being Born, Claims Down Syndrome Community



THE DOWN SYNDROME community lashed out today at suggestions to abort fatal foetal abnormalities, stating it would deprive future politicians of being born.

Spokesperson for the Irish Down Sydrome Association, Dermot Hayes, said that allowing terminations in such circumstances could lead to politically minded babies being “left to die on sterilised trays”.

“Who will run our country then?” asked a furious Mr. Hayes. “How will we cope if we kill all our politicians in the womb?”

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said it was “incredibly low” to suggest there is any link between politicians and fatal abnormalities, and asked the association to publicly apologise to the members of the Dáil for their ‘cruel’ comments.

“To suggest we have some kind of physical or mental deformity is an absolute disgrace.” said the Taoiseach. “Maybe its time the down syndrome community took a good hard look in the mirror.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of politicians are said to be protesting outside the IDSA’s headquarters in Dublin over the outrageous remarks.

“These people have been living off the state for years.” said one Fianna Fail senator. “It’s high time for reform in the disability allowance area .”

Government experts believe there is no direct link between foetal abnormalities and politicians, and have called on the DS community to not be so judgemental of people who work in politics.