Ex-Anglo Boss David Drumm Wins Euromillions Jackpot Worth €94mn



FORMER CHIEF executive of Anglo Irish bank David Drumm successfully matched five numbers, plus the two lucky stars, to share in last nights euromillions jackpot worth €188 million.

Mr. Drumm, who bought the ticket on-line, is said to be ‘over the moon’ at his share of ninety four million euro.

“I was feeling kind of down on my luck the past few days so I said I’d buy a euromillions ticket on-line for the craic.” he said. “When I checked my numbers this morning I nearly fell off my yacht.”

David, who is currently living in Boston, added that the money couldn’t have come at a better time for himself and his family.

“We have been looking to build an extension on our house in Florida and our villa in Spain for some time now.” explained the former banker. “This money will act as a down payment for the work to be carried out.”

Meanwhile, back in Ireland, thousands of people were outraged at the news of Mr. Drumm’s windfall, and called on the Irish national lottery not to pay out the prize due to recent revelations about the bankers actions during the crisis of ’08.

“He was the instigator of the collapse and now gets rewarded again for gambling.” said one jealous protester. ” That cunt should be publicly burned at the spire in Dublin city centre, with his head left impaled at the topfor the whole world to see.

A spokesperson for the Drumm family said earlier that, they wished to be left alone in peace to enjoy their good fortunes, and stated they will donate $50 to the saint Vincent de Paul in Dublin upon collecting the jackpot.