FETAC Photography Student Is Profesional Now After Setting Up Facebook Page


A FETAC photography student turned professional yesterday after setting up her very own facebook page on-line.

Lisa Cuddihy made the move shortly before lunch time and is set to become one of the countries most respected names in the industry.

The 19-year-old, who this year completed a level 5 photography FETAC course in town, suggested the page – Cuddihy Photography – to more than 200 facebook friends.

Ms. Cuddihy started her career in photography when she was just six years old.

“Me parents bought me a fisher price digital camera for me sixth birthday. Since then I’ve been taking pictures all me life.” she said.

“Me phones full of them sure!”

After failing to get the 150 points needed for a forestry course in Carlow IT last year, Lisa decided she would take up her old passion in the local further education institute in Waterford city.

“It was either tha’ or beauty therapy, but I didn’t like yer wan teaching the beauty course as I know her sister, and she’s a bitch.”

Since beginning the course in September last year, Lisa has gone from strength to strength, taking pictures of everything, from people to ‘colourful plants and shit’.

“Me part foal yo is full of stuff I did over the year in school so I scanned all the pictures and uploaded them to me new facebook photography page.”

The Cuddihy Photography facebook page currently has over 67 likes and is expected to reach a whopping 100 likes by this time next year.