Ger Killally Seems like Is A Bit Of A Prick Anyway, Agrees Nation


ger killally

THE IRISH nation agreed today that politician and developer, Ger Killally, who was lucky to escape serious injury after a gun attack yesterday, seems like a bit of a prick anyway and was probably asking for it.

The 42-year-old former Fianna Fail councillor and owner a a massive home in Offaly despite being bankrupt, was carrying a five figure sum of money in the boot of his car when two shots were fired at his vehicle.

Mr. Killally had both his two young children and father in the car at the time.

“I bet the gobshite only had them in the car for cover.” said one man.

A neighbour commented on his appearance, stating:  “He just has one of those faces that you’d love to slap with a wet fish.”

Gardai said Mr. Killally probably got what he deserved, but condemned the attackers for putting the lives of his two innocent children in danger.

“Beibhinn and Ferdia are currently being treated for shock.” said Garda Sgt Thomas Moore. “Mr. Killally is a bit of a prick, but his children didn’t deserve that kind of carry on.

“Even if they do have cringey Irish names.”

It is understood that the cash in the car was to have been used by Mr Killally for his next big con.

In 2012 Mr Killally received a three-year suspended prison sentence for stealing €18,000 worth of equipment from a shop he used to own in Westmeath.

He was also handed 240 hours of community service for a fraud offence. Bankruptcy documents put his debts at more than €73m, which is now being paid back by the Irish Nation.