‘We’re Just Coasting Now Till The Summer Holidays’ Admits Government



THE GOVERNMENT has admitted today it was just coasting now till the Summer holidays and doesn’t expect to get much work done between now and then.

A spokesperson said Dáil members were only passing time in corridors and café bars around Leinster house in anticipation of their lengthy break from office.

“No one wants to be here now the weather has picked up a bit.” said the spokesperson. “Everyone is talking about their holidays and couldn’t be arsed turning up for proceedings.”

Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who recently returned from a three week trip to the US for Paddies Day, told WWN he was ‘winding down’ after a tough six months work and expects to ‘lay low’ until the Summer holidays.

“I suppose its the ex-school teacher in all Irish politicians that has us coasting now till the Summer.” admitted Mr. Kenny. “Its an unsaid rule here in Dail Eireann that we just float along through the months of April and May and do as little as humanly possible.”

“Old habits die hard.” he added.

The Fine Gael leader said was looking forward to meeting up with coalition partners for a ‘lads holiday’ in Ibiza in June.

“We’ll tear it up like it was 1988.” he joked.

Teachta Dála representatives are expected to adjourn for an 8-11 week holiday in June, depending on how much voters whinge about it this year.