‘Cody Should Take The Rest Of The Year Off, Just In Case’ Agrees Every Other County Team manager



EVERY COUNTY hurling team manager in the country today agreed that Kilkenny coach Brian Cody should take the rest of the year off, just in case, after undergoing a heart surgery earlier this week.

The Kilkenny manager said he will be taking a break from team affairs with the Cats after undergoing the pre-planned heart operation, but hinted that he will be back for this years 2013 season.

Several managers voiced their concern for the 58-year-old and urged him to take a good rest from the game.

“You can’t be too careful when it comes to heart problems.” said Waterford hurling manager Michael Ryan. “He should really be taking it easy and take a year or three off.”

However, the nine-time All-Ireland winning manager is said to be “in good form” after the operation and thanked managers and players from around the country for their support and endless advice.

“I’ve been getting hundreds of get well cards telling me to take it easy.” he said. “Many have the ‘soon’ bit crossed out, which I found a bit odd.”

A statement from the Kilkenny County Board read: “Brian will be back for this season and said he will see whatever team this year has lined up for Kilkenny in the 2013 All-Ireland hurling final in Croke Park.”

“Fuck.” said everyone else.