Obama Challenges North Korean Leader To ‘Whip It Out’


AMERICAN PRESIDENT Barack Obama today challenged North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to ‘whip it out’ in a bid to put an end to their feud by a public display of manhood.

In a 30 minute speech aired live from the oval office in the white house, Mr. Obama called out the 30 year old on the size of his penis and teased him saying: “You Asians got nothing under the hood. If you wanna play with the big boys then you have got to show your weapon.”

The leader of the free world then proceeded to undo his trousers and gesture a ‘zip and lob’ technique which, as he later explained, was an age old term for whipping it out.

Earlier this evening the Pentagon said it was sending several pictures of the president ‘threatening to take it out’ to a North Korea’s base in Pyongyang.

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel believes the move will either ‘make or break’ relations between the two sides.

“Its difficult to say how Mr. Jong Un will take the gesture.” he said. “He will either back down or whip it out.”

Experts say the North Korean leader will lose the ‘cock off’ if he does take up the challenge.

Dr Phillip Shapiro – a racial penis professor in Harvard University – told WWN that the average Asian penis is 3-5 inches in length  whereas the African America penis can range between 4-10 inches in length, depending on height.

“Mr Obama is just over 6 foot in height and we estimate his penis length to be in the range of 8-9 inches.” said the penis expert.

“Unless Kim Jong Un gets some kind of enlargement surgery, I don’t think there will be any further talks of nuclear war from pencil dick.” he added.