The ‘Viper’ Foley Maybe Drafted In To Collect Outstanding Property Tax, Warns Hogan


MINISTER for the Environment Phil Hogan has said today the Government may draft in the ‘Viper’ Foley’ to pursue all those who refuse to pay the Property Tax by the end of the month.

Speaking  at a press conference in Crumlin today, the minister warned householders to pay the charge immediately if they did not want one of Ireland’s most notorious gangland criminals calling to their doors.

“We are currently in talks with Martin (Foley) about collecting the debt from those who wish to go against the grain.”

“With Mr. Foley’s track record we are quite confident that we will retrieve the charges, but only if it comes to that.” added the minister.

In 2007 Foley established his own legal debt collection business, “Viper Debt Recovery and Repossession Service” and currently has one of the highest debt collection success rates in the country.

Full details of how the new collection method will work will be announced early next week by ‘The Viper’ and several of his henchmen.

The government claims that 900,000 ‘sound-out’ people have already registered for the Household Charge, and that this figure is no way exaggerated to make people feel like they’re the only ones left.

Mr Hogan said too many ‘righteous’ people had expected it to be dropped or changed before the deadline date and are now ‘shitting themselves’.

Approximately 600,000 householders have already registered since the announcement of the ‘Viper threat’ this morning.

Opposition parties have accused Mr Hogan of extorsion and intimidating people in relation to the tax but he retaliated by saying he ‘knew where they lived’ and if they ‘didn’t shut their miserable holes he would make sure their families would pay the eternal price’.