Family’s Shame As Criminal Shot Dead In Pub Never Once Made The Sunday World



A NORTH DUBLIN city family have voiced their shame today after criminal relative, Derek ‘ninja’ Mahony, was shot dead before ever making it to a Sunday world crime column.

Mr. Mahony was brutally murdered in his local bar following an altercation with a more well known Dublin criminal from the area, who ironically featured on numerous Irish papers over the past few years.

Family members said they were disgusted that Dereks criminal career was never documented on any of the Irish newspapers.

“It’s just not fair so it’s not.” said half-sister of the dead man, Jacintha Keane. “Derek was well known around the area and didn’t get the credit he deserved.”

“He was well mean and people were very scared of him……well except your man that shot him of course.” she added.

Witnesses at the scene reported that Mahony’s girlfriend, Peggy Power, was hysterical after seeing her boyfriend being shot point blank in the face with a shot gun.

Sources say Ms. Power was holding what was left of her boyfriends head while requesting for someone to call crime reporter, Paul Williams.

Barman Tommy Roche told WWN that this was the second such incident in the area in a month were a lesser known criminal has been murdered before ever making it to the crime section in newspapers.

“Its a dog eat dog world out there.” said the 29-year-old. “Near-death criminals call for crime-reporters instead of priests these days.”

Meanwhile, members of the Mahony family have stated that they will not be turning up for the funeral of Derek, due to his low key status in the underworld.