Outsourced Chinese Worker Also Admits To Outsourcing Job


THE CHINESE worker at the centre of a US outsourcing scandal has also admitted today that he too has outsourced the job — to a software developer in India.

The news comes just one day after a software developer known only as “Bob”, was fired for outsourcing his duties to the Chinese man so that he could spend the day surfing the internet.

Chang Mau said he was contracted last year by the American programmer to work full time from his home.

However Mr.Mau admits the work-load was just too much for him and also decided to outsource the job to a free-lance programmer in India.

“The money was good so I decided I could just out-source the job and live comfortably.” said the 34-year-old father of one.

It is not known whether the buck stopped there.

Sources close to the Indian software programmer claim he has been living the high-life since acquiring the position, and rarely seems to be working. Suggesting he too maybe has outsourced the job to another party.

Verizon, the American based company who originally contracted the job, were not available for comment this afternoon.

Yesterday, a spokesperson for the company said it was still investigating just how far down the line the job actually went, with some rumours pointing to trained  chimpanzees as the final rung in the ladder.