One Winner Scoops €25 After Scratch Card Rollover


This week has been so exciting for Irish Lottery players with both the Winning streak and the easy money scratch card games forking out a record prize amount.

Last night a man from Burr in Co.Offaly won a staggering €8 with a single scratch card lottery ticket, just ten days after another man, Michael Jacob, from Dublin won €2 on the new ‘Easy Money’ scratch card game. Both men walk away with a total jackpot of €10.

National lotteries spokesman Kenneth Williams said someone had phoned the hot-line late on Wednesday night claiming they had matched 3 numbers on a winning scratch card ticket. The person was ‘double lucky’ after previously winning the ticket on another scratch card which produced three ‘FREE’ words, giving him the opertunity to play the same game again. The roll-over winner only gave few details about himself.

“Obviously it is only our first contact and who ever it is still has to go through the proper procedures laid out by the National lottery agency,” he said.

The winner can either present the ticket to any post office or shop that sells them or visit the head office here in Dublin to fill out the prize claim form.

Williams said special precautions will have to be taken to protect the privacy of the winner.

About 5,100 people live in and around Burr, where speculation will be running high on who bought the ticket.

“I have a fair idea who it is but I won’t be telling any one. The rumours are already flying around the place. The excitement here is amazing. I have to respect the mans privacy as he’s the parish priest and I’m sure he wouldn’t want anyone knowing.” said John Coffee, who hangs around the post office quiet a bit during the day.

In total, ten lucky lottery scratch card players walked away with over €124 for matching 3 money amounts in the past five years. There were thousands of smaller winners too. In fact, the national lottery stated that 478 free tickets were handed out and a whopping 797 tear away letters were posted in to the main office as part of a yearly draw for a holiday to Cork.

The lucky scratch card tickets can be bought in any good store and post office. If your not in you can’t win